Digital Inequality

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This was a fascinating project. I enjoyed learning how to work with a group in an online environment as well as learning more about Digital Inequality and the Digital Divide. As an individual who grew up with access to technology, it was good for me to stop and think about what my life would look like without that access to technology. Additionally, not only do I have access to technology, but I also know how to utilize it to it’s maximum benefit. I know how to use it for research, job search, and education. As a group, we identified that the education on the many uses of technology is the most important aspect in addressing Digital Inequality.  I strongly believe that this is true and that the way to close the gap between the “have” and the “have not’s” is through education.

This project aligned to the AECT Standards 3.2, 3.4, and 4.1.  In this project, I examined the policies and regulations that affect the diffusion and use of Instructional Technology by researching the rules and regulations that are currently in place and examining how those could be changed and adjusted to make better use of technology. As part of the task force that examined the issues, I helped to develop strategies that could lead to the adoption of and change in the way that technology implemented and taught.  Additionally, as part of the task force that examined the issues surrounding Educational Technology, I helped to plan, monitor, and develop projects that will lead to the improvement in the use of Educational Technology.


About Candace

I am a 25 year old Graduate Student at Boise State University. I am working on my Master's in Educational Technology and substitute teaching. I live in North Idaho and love hiking, swimming, camping, biking, reading, and climbing.

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