Horizon Report Tech Trend

This assignment was interesting and enlightening. I enjoyed researching various technology trends and wasn’t  very productive because I kept spending too much time on “research.” I believe that the Horizon Report is an important and fascinating publication that is a valuable tool for educators. It was wonderful to  be able to see a picture of what is “up and coming” in education.I chose to focus on games for my lesson plans because I think that their importance and value in the classroom is significant. Although to some, the Six-Word Memoirs may not seem like a game, students very much approach it as one. They like the challenge of telling a story with a limited amount of words and it forces them to focus on their word choice.  This is an important skill to develop and using a fun platform, such as this one, provides them the opportunity to engage in their learning more than they would have in a technology-free environment.  The following is a lesson plan that I developed for using six-word memoirs in the classroom.

Six-Word Memoirs

Grade Level: 9
Subject: English
Prepared by: Candace McEnespy

Overview and Purpose:
The purpose of this lesson is for students to practice word choice as well as use their creativity to practice writing a story about their life using only six words.

Educational Standards

  •     9.LA.3.1.1 Generate ideas using a variety of strategies. 
  •    9.LA.3.1.5 Produce a piece of writing within a set period of time.
  •     9.LA.3.3.1 Revise draft for meaning, clarity, and effective organization. (753.01.a)
  •    9.LA.3.4.2 Edit for correct punctuation, spelling, grammar, and usage errors. (753.02.a)
  •    9.LA.3.5.2 Share writing with intended audience. (753.04.c; 753.06.b)

Specify skills/information that will be learned

  • Students will be able to tell a story using only six words.
  • Students will be able to make choices about word usage based on their importance.
  • Students will be able to publish their work on the SMITH Teens website.
  • Students will be able to edit and improve their work.
  • Students will be able to edit, reflect on, and review their peer’s and their own work.
  • Students will be able to participate in the online community and discussion surrounding the six-word memoirs.

Materials Needed:

  • Writing materials
  • Computer/internet access

Other Resources:

Give and/or demonstration necessary information

  1. The class will begin with a discussion about how important student’s stories are.  Every student has a story, whether it is about something specific that happened to them recently, a broad overview of their life in general, or the way they are feeling about something.  We will also discuss the importance of word choice and the impact that specific words can have in our writing.  I will show a few examples of my own six-word memoirs. Additionally, I will point students to http://thesaurus.com/, and instruct them how to use the sight effectively to help them choose the most effective word. I will suggest that students get started writing their memoirs by brainstorming.
  2. I will direct students to the smithteens website and instruct them to create a user account.  I will then give them about ten minutes to explore the website to get an idea of what six-word memoirs entail.
  3. Students will write a six word memoir.
  4. Before they can publish it on the website, they must have at least two peers check it and review it. They will turn in their work (and the peer reviews) to me at the end of the hour.  The yare not allowed to publish until I see the two peer reveiws and check them off.
  5. Students will publish their memoirs on the smithteens website. They will have the opportunity to comment on and collaborate with other members.

Steps to check for student understanding

  1. Conversation/interaction during introductory discussion.
  2. Brainstorming and writing of the six-word memoir.
  3. Peer review, collaboration.
  4. Publishing on smithteens website

Describe activity that will reinforce the lesson

Students will create, review, and publish a creative story about their life using only six words.


Possibly need release forms from parents for internet use/signing up for smithteens.com.


About Candace

I am a 25 year old Graduate Student at Boise State University. I am working on my Master's in Educational Technology and substitute teaching. I live in North Idaho and love hiking, swimming, camping, biking, reading, and climbing.

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