RSS Feeds for Education

I had so much fun working on this assignment. There is nothing that I love more than being organized, and for some reason, I have managed to miss RSS feeds in all my internet explorations. As an educational technology student, this tool will help me to keep all my informational blogs organized, just like Diigo helps me to keep all my bookmarks organized.  The key thing that I enjoy about RSS feeds is that rather than having to go out and seek information, the information comes directly to my Reader, which is a huge time saver as well as extremely convenient. Additionally, as an educator, there are a variety of advantages to using RSS Feeds in my classroom.From a teacher’s perspective, RSS feeds allow me to collect information from sites that are consistently publishing interesting and relevant information, which is a huge time saver. RSS feeds allow educators to have access to consistently new and interesting information for their students. Also,  if the classroom is set up to with student blogs already, it is a great tool for a teacher to save time by subscribing to their student’s blogs.  Again, this provides the benefit of the  information coming to the teacher, rather than the teacher having to seek out the content.
While RSS Feeds provide great advantages for a teacher, they also can provide great opportunities for students of all ages as well.

From a student’s perspective, RSS Feeds allow a student to collect information on a particular subject for a project, paper, or research.  They could further demonstrate knowledge of the topic by organizing it into different categories, or folders. RSS feeds provide students with consistent access to news and current events very easily.  It is often difficult for schools to provide economical and simple access to current events and news. RSS feeds provide a great alternative to newspapers and allow students to access and read information that they are interested in, which is key for student engagement and interest.

To summarize, RSS Feeds are a key tool for any educator that is wanting to integrate technology in the classroom. They allow the user to control what information they recieve, as well as the amount of information they receive. RSS feeds allow the user, teacher or student, to easily classify and categorize information. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, RSS feeds allow the user to easily locate information in a world that can easily make anyone feel inundated with information.

Click here to visit my RSS Feed for Education.

About Candace

I am a 25 year old Graduate Student at Boise State University. I am working on my Master's in Educational Technology and substitute teaching. I live in North Idaho and love hiking, swimming, camping, biking, reading, and climbing.

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