EdTech 522:Final Reflection

This is my first semester in the EdTech program, and I am so excited to continue on this journey and learn even more than I already have.  This course was especially enlightening to me because even though I have taken several online courses, I have never had the opportunity to teach one, and I have never felt as though I gained as much knowledge as I could have from them.  This semester, however, all of that changed and I learned a vast amount of information from each of my online Ed Tech courses.  Ed Tech 522 especially helped me to learn the methods of an effective online teacher, but I think that it will go a long ways in helping me to be a better online student as well.

While I gained knowledge from all of our projects, I think that my “favorite” project was the Moodle course development. It was a great project for a variety of reasons. I enjoyed getting to interact with another classmate to learn about him and what kind of lesson he would like. This gave me the opportunity to bring in the “community” aspect of online learning. I was also able to evaluate his strengths and learning style so that I could create a course that was customized for him. Additionally, I really enjoy curriculum development, so I enjoyed having the ability to create a lesson on Moodle, while getting to learn how to utilize Moodle as the effective teaching tool that it is.

I believe that the amount of knowledge that I am taking away from this semester in the Ed Tech program has gone a long ways in preparing me to be a better teacher. I now have at my disposal a wide variety of effective Web 2.0 tools, organizational methods, communication methods, as well as lesson plan development and delivery.  I now understand how online learners learn the best as well as how to create lessons that are highly effective and utilize a variety of instructional methods.

Overall, my time has been well spent and I have the opportunity to continue to teach and to learn with a large number of highly effective resources.


About Candace

I am a 25 year old Graduate Student at Boise State University. I am working on my Master's in Educational Technology and substitute teaching. I live in North Idaho and love hiking, swimming, camping, biking, reading, and climbing.

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