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EdTech 501: Tech Use Plan Presentation


School Environment Evaluation

Embedded below is the School Evaluation Survey that I completed for a school that I am familiar with. This project, which allowed me to use the technology maturity benchmarks to evaluate the technological maturity of this school, was an interesting project. I was able to evaluate the school and in doing so, met many of the AECT Standards. This project involved problem analysis in which I was required to analyze the current school and consider their areas of weakness and strength. It was fascinating because I had to carefully consider things that I had never before considered when looking at the technology use of this school. Additionally, my evaluation gave me the opportunity to take the information that I gathered and apply it to a plan, or idea, for further development and utilization.  Throughout the course of this project, I considered long-range plans and how I could help to apply the things that I learned to the school in order to help them to better develop their technology use.

Overall, I feel as though by completing this project, I am better prepared for the future in which I will be required to look at and evaluate various schools and the way that they use technology. I will know how to consider the various points of their technology use plan and then make recommendations based on where they are and what their weaknesses are.