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Instructional Model Concept Map


Horizon Report Tech Trend

This assignment was interesting and enlightening. I enjoyed researching various technology trends and wasn’t  very productive because I kept spending too much time on “research.” I believe that the Horizon Report is an important and fascinating publication that is a valuable tool for educators. It was wonderful to  be able to see a picture of what is “up and coming” in education.I chose to focus on games for my lesson plans because I think that their importance and value in the classroom is significant. Although to some, the Six-Word Memoirs may not seem like a game, students very much approach it as one. They like the challenge of telling a story with a limited amount of words and it forces them to focus on their word choice.  This is an important skill to develop and using a fun platform, such as this one, provides them the opportunity to engage in their learning more than they would have in a technology-free environment.  The following is a lesson plan that I developed for using six-word memoirs in the classroom.

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